Easy Blog Post Writing

Planning a blog post.Many small business owners struggle with knowing how to write informative and interesting blog posts for their website. Are you one of them? Keep reading for an easy to follow format that will help improve most writing projects including blog posts.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can be any length, but knowing how most people digest information on the internet can help you decide what length is best for you and your readers. Most people who surf the internet want the information, in brief, concise nuggets they can quickly skim. Many authorities recommend 300 to 500 words—maximum for blog post length. There are many ways to write a blog post, but a fundamental narrative essay format is a reliable writing tool many people use. This process incorporates eight steps that can be followed when writing blog posts. The five-paragraph essay structure is easy to write and easy for readers to skim or read.

Steps One, Two, and Three 

The first step in the narrative essay structure is to select a theme for your writing. Brainstorming is a helpful way to expand your initial topic premise. Next, isolate the best of those ideas and then develop them into a short list of main points you want to communicate. Some writers like to outline their main points and others enjoy using mind mapping.

Steps Four and Five

An important step in the essay or blog writing process is to develop a tentative thesis statement. Think how you can condense your primary point into a “nutshell” version. Then work it into a concise statement that clearly communicates what you want your reader to take away after reading your essay (blog) post. Now comes the research—were you find facts to back up or reinforce your topic.

Steps Six, Seven, and Eight

Finally, the writing begins as you develop your first draft. Do not worry about the mechanics of writing at this stage; let go and write what comes to mind. Revision of the draft is the next step. Refine the writing, editing for clear thought, logical organization, grammar, punctuation, and usage. It is common for writers to rewrite their first draft numerous times. Ask someone to read your essay to catch any errors that you missed. Then set the draft aside for a day and come back to it for finalization.

Like Riding a Bike

Most tasks seem difficult when we are first learning to do them. Writing an essay or blog post is no different from learning how to ride a bicycle, and it has at least one significant benefit…you will not fall and injure yourself. Like most things, the more you practice the more comfortable and better you will become at writing and blogging. Try the narrative essay format for your next blog post. It’s like riding a bike–once you learn how to do it–you will never forget.

What will you write about?


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