Young and Fearless

Tall TreesMy son was quite the climber,

When he was a toddler.

He climbed up counters, he climbed stacked boxes;

He climbed up poles but was not obnoxious.


One day I found him atop a 25 foot tree,

He was only the tender age of three.

It was a tall, spindly tree,

And there he was laughing hysterically.


The tree was young and flexible,

Like the child clinging to it inapprehensible.

Flying through the air in wide arcs of six feet,

He swayed back and forth—the ride was a treat.


His laughter increased with each wild sway,

I called him to come down, but he didn’t obey.

Back and forth he swayed—fearless he was.

Back and forth he swayed—anxious I was.


Back and forth my mind desperately searched,

For a safe way to get him un-perched.

I watched transfixed as the tree stopped swaying,

Down he scampered while I stood praying.


Back and forth we swayed as I held my son close,

Back in my arms a midst the undergrowth.

Posey Salem |  February 22, 2015

Photo by Pippalou on


7 thoughts on “Young and Fearless

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    • Hi Andy, thanks for reading and commenting.
      Yes, but his climbing led to bigger and more dangerous things. Thankfully, he is alive and well and enjoyed reading about his tree climbing escapade.
      Looks like you are a climber, too. Have you had the opportunity to travel and climb natural geological structures? I’d love to hear more about your climbing experiences.
      Have a great week,

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      • It’s a funny thing for me, As a kid I always feared Heights, even a little bit of it but now? I work at buildings with catwalks and rooftops and super enjoy going as high as I can 😊


      • Andy, I’m afraid of heights. We went to visit the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and I got scared climbing up all the stairs. Scared as I was, I finished the climb and totally enjoyed the view. I’ve figured out that perhaps it’s not the height but the upward movement. That upward motion is obviously not stationary, and if I look down I am afraid of falling. Kudos to you for developing the ability to walk and work at such heights and for overcoming your fear. Warmly, Posey

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