Overcome the Dreaded Blank Page

Overcome the Blank Page


Every writer has experienced a time when they struggled to put words on the page.

Whether you are

writing poetry,

a short story,

an essay for school,

a cover letter for

a job opening,

a report for work,

a blog post,

or a novel it comes down to this…

“If nothing changes ~ nothing changes!

If you just sit there stressing about what to write,

The page will continue to be BLANK.

If you want words to appear,

Then start writing.


Put one letter after the other,

One word follows another.

Each sentence moves along,

 After the one that came before it.

Sentences become paragraphs,

And paragraphs become pages.


Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound right,

Just keep writing.

If you get stuck,

Just say so as you are writing.

“I’m stuck but I’ll just keep writing whatever comes to mind.”

Keep writing until the words flow again.


Make a mistake? Spell something wrong?

Ignore it—and just keep writing.

Does spell check on your screen frustrate you?

Does it scream at you to STOP,

And fix the mistake?  Ignore it.

Cover your screen with cardboard,

 Or several sheets of paper.

Don’t look at what you have written,

Just keep writing.


Write for 30 minutes straight,

Then you can take a peek.


Look how much you have written!”

(c) Posey Salem March 7th, 2015


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