How to Become a Better Writer

Write Every Day

Have you ever wondered how to become a better writer?

Here’s one secret to better writing —

Write Every Day!

We’ve talked with lots of writers who want to continue to grow and develop in this craft called creative writing. Everywhere we go, everything we read about writing says the same thing – WRITE!

Keep reading to learn seven ways to become a better writer. Then join us in our Cool Cat Writers 30-Day Writing Challenge! How can writing every day help you to improve your writing? Here’s our top seven list

Top 7 Ways Writing Every Day Will Improve Your Writing

Writing every day helps you to:

  1. Develop the HABIT of a writer 
  2. Increases your CREATIVITY 
  3. WORK THROUGH writer’s block 
  4. Improve your VOCABULARY 
  5. Improve the QUALITY of your writing 
  6. SEE THINGS through a new lens 
  7. SHARE your life and thoughts with others

 Now for the 30 Day Writing Challenge!

Today is March 8th. Did you know that the number eight is symbolic for New Beginnings? Well it is, so let’s make some new beginnings together. For the next 30 days, write something every day.

We promise that we will write every day, and we will post what we write to this blog. We’ll even post things that we just started and that are still in progress. You don’t have to finish everything, each day, but take the time to work on or write something every day. Please share your writing progress with us either in the post comment section  or you can email us here. Together we can cheer each other on, encourage us to keep going, and maybe we can even help you through a rough spot in your writing. We are NOT looking for perfection here, BUT we are looking for consistency! All of us together will develop new writing habits that can last a lifetime.

One of the great things about writing is that it’s FREE or very low-cost. If you have a computer, or paper and a pen, or a blank book, or even a notebook from the Dollar Store ~ then you can write every day. In tomorrow’s post, we will give you a list of 30 things that you can write about during the 30 Day Writing Challenge. You don’t have to write about these things–please write about whatever you want. We want to give you some ideas because everyone gets stuck, sometimes. Writing prompts are a vehicle to get the ideas flowing again. So let’s start writing!

If you are joining us after the challenge has started or even if we have finished DO NOT let that stop you! You can start your own writing challenge any day or any time. The challenge doesn’t have to end after 3o days. If you are pumped and on a roll—just keep writing. We look forward to hearing about your writing adventures, please share with us.

Just keep writing,

~ Avi and Posey


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