30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

Ahhh Hah! You caught us. Yesterday, we were off our game and forgot to post. We humbly beg your forgiveness, dear reader. It is a day late, but here is the promised list of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing for the Cool Cat Writers 30-Day Writing Challenge. We started the 30-Day Writing Challenge on March 8th but it is NEVER too late to start a lifetime of writing. This hobby is the most affordable craft we know. It is enjoyable and sparks your creativity. Won’t you join us? Here are 30 writing ideas to get you started:

  1. Write in a journal or diary
  2. Write a blog post every day
  3. Start a writing blog and write a post every day
  4. Write a letter to an out of state family member or friend
  5. Write a poem
  6. Write a paragraph using 3 new words that you recently learned
  7. Write an essay (for help with this read here)
  8. Write about a funny story from your past
  9. Write a story about one of your embarrassing moments
  10. Write about something you want to do once the season changes
  11. Write about your children when they were young (read a Posey poem here)
  12. Write about your siblings or friends
  13. Write about your hopes and dreams
  14. Write about your pet/s
  15. Write about your car, truck, or motorcycle
  16. Write about a vacation experience
  17. Write about learning to do something new
  18. Write a How To paragraph and explain how to do something that could help others
  19. Write about water, fire, wind, or earth.
  20. Write about what you are feeling on a specific day
  21. Write about your favorite activity and why it is important to you
  22. Write about the weather (read another Posey poem here)
  23. Write about a new writing technique you recently learned
  24. Write about what you see in a photograph
  25. Write about your feelings
  26. Write about things you enjoy
  27. Write about things that make you sad
  28. Write about things that make you smile
  29. Write using rhythm and rhyme
  30. Write to relieve stress

What will you write about today?

Share with us ~ Avi and Posey


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