Mobile Devices: Changing our World, is it for the better?

Young girl with cell phoneWe love mobile technology but it isn’t so good for our life and health. As a population, we are allowing these wonderful devices to control or change our lives — and not always for the better. We remember when we didn’t have this technology.

 Do You Remember When…You had to get up and walk to the hallway to answer the only phone in the house? The more it rang the more you walked, who needed a treadmill?

Do You Remember When…You had to walk to the Library to research a topic of interest or when you wanted to borrow books to read? What a good way to whittle the waistline.

Do You Remember When…You wanted to change the channel on the radio or television and you had to get up off your @$$ and walk over to the device and make the change? Now we just get click-butt or swipe-hips.

Do You Remember When…A hand-written note or letter was your main means of communication for friends and family outside your home or neighborhood? Now you can Tweet’m, text’m, message’m, chat with’m or use more words and effort and actually send them an email. How long has it been since you wrote a letter and mailed it?

Do You Remember When...You had to turn the TV off at midnight because all the stations just went off the air? Between cable, satellite, and 24/7/365 internet access most people under 40 have no idea what I am talking about.

Do You Remember When…You had to wait days or weeks for the mailman to deliver the reply to the letter you wrote? Now we get irritated if the email we sent to Japan doesn’t arrive in a nano-second.

Do You Remember When…The only reason the phone rang in the middle of the night is because there was a family emergency? Not because your friend was awake and couldn’t wait to tell you about the latest facebook post or worse yet they were drunk and just wanted to talk and talk and talk.

Do You Remember When…You had to use the phone on the wall in the kitchen to call the restaurant to make a reservation? We never dreamed that cell phone apps would change all that, plus you can see the menu, hours, and more.

Do You Remember When…You played games (Life, Risk, Monopoly, Trouble, Parcheesi, Jacks, Marbles, etc.) with friends on the floor of your room? Not nameless, faceless, people playing from the internet superhighway.

Do You Remember When…The alarm clock was a device that wound up and sat on your nightstand — not an app on your phone nestled beside your pillow every night?

Do You Remember When...You took photographs with a camera and film then had to wait two weeks to get the prints back from the photo lab? Forget digital cameras–we now use our phones to snap, see, and send photos instantly. We can snap photos while we battle anaconda’s in the Amazon, are going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, preen in the rear view mirror, or while waiting in line at Starbucks and capture the funny looking old lady in line ahead of us, only to post it on Facebook and have it go viral moments later. /O\

Is it just us or are we losing more than the inventors thought possible…patience, rest, propriety, personal social contact, privacy, fitness, social graces, not to mention all the injuries and negative health affects mobile devices bring with them. We love mobile technology but we need to use common sense and moderation if we want to stay healthy in all areas of our lives.

Avi and Posey March 11, 2015

30-Day Writing Challenge day four

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