Blogging: How to Benefit, Not Bore Your Reader

People ask me, “How do you find interesting things to blog about and how do you find the time?” For me, it is a regular battle to write consistent blog posts. Blogging is not difficult, but to produce content that counts (for the reader) takes time, thought and effort. As writers, we desire to produce content that others want to read and will enjoy. Put simply, we want our writing to benefit not bore the reader. If I just blathered on, ad nauseam, about the boring minutia of my life or any crazy thought that popped into my head, blogging would be a breeze. I do not consider that content nor writing worthy of a blog.  So why is it hard for me to blog? Perhaps, it is difficult to take time to consider the topic thoughtfully and write it in a way that the reader will appreciate. I find the following questions helpful as I plan the content for a blog post or any writing project.

What do I want to say?

The topic of the blog post must be settled prior to the commencement of writing. Finding inspiration is easy for me, especially for this blog. Everywhere I look, I see inspiration: the landscape around me, my children’s younger years, our pets, my earlier days, questions or thoughts I have, and information I would like to share. Inspiration is all around me; it is all around you, too. If you need more specific writing prompts or suggestions click here.

Why is the chosen topic important?

As writers, we need to consider why the chosen topic would be interesting or helpful to our readers. If the content bores the reader, we should use it as a private journal entry or delete, instead. Take a few moments to jot down why the blog topic would be important. Will it inspire, humor, inform, entertain, or cause the reader to question and ponder?

What do I want my readers to take away?

We are a busy population. Most people would tell you they have too many things to do on any given day. When you add that many “must dos” to all of the “want to dos” and factor in the “wish I could dos” there may not be enough hours in the day. If people are going to spend time reading a blog (article, story, or verse) they want to get something for the time they spent to read. Always, ask yourself, “If the reader could get only ONE thing from my blog post–what do I want that to be?” Write it down. Next, explain what you want to give them and how you plan to do that.

I mentioned earlier that it was easier for me to produce content for this blog. I have two other websites with blogs, and I must admit, I am woefully behind in posting to those blogs. The content on those sites requires more research and is less creative than this one. I find it more difficult to carve out the longer amount of time it takes me to prepare, research, and write those blog posts. My work and business require daily writing, but I was looking for something more. I wanted an outlet for a different type of writing, a channel that would allow written expression in more creative ways. On this blog, I DAILY make the commitment to write something every day for thirty days. When the 30-Day Writing Challenge is finished, I will continue the daily habit of writing. I will write and post to all three blogs (yikes!) on a regular schedule that will accommodate my life. I will consistently write the stories and poems that roam through my mind.

So what is the ONE thing I would most like you to take away from this blog post? NEVER scrimp on the quality of your content, the amount of work to produce it, and lastly the value it gives your reader.

Posey Salem March 12, 2015 ~ Day Five of the 30-Day Writing Challenge.


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