10 Tips to Write Stronger Sentences

“Words are our tools in trade.

They are our medium of communication.

They form a bridge of thought

between the writer’s mind and the reader’s.

To find the right word, is sometimes

to find a treasure.”

Steven Dunham, author of the The Editor’s Companion

Recently, a reader ask me, “Could you share some tips for writing stronger sentences?” During our weekly gathering of Writer’s Writing (a writing group in coastal North Carolina), I asked my colleagues to develop a list of  10 tips to share on the Cool Cat Writers blog:

  1. Use strong, active verbs to move the writing and reader forward
  2. Avoid passive voice whenever possible
  3. Make sure that your subject and verb agree (in person and number)
  4. Rework sentences to remove extraneous prepositional phrases
  5. Never end a sentence with a preposition
  6. Vary the sentence length readers can get lost in long sentences. Using too many short choppy sentences close together inhibit reading flow
  7. Say what you want to say using the least amount of words – get to the point
  8. Use short, simple terminology – no dictionary needed
  9. Never start a sentence with a conjunction—conjunctions are connectors—(examples: and, but, because, as, also, after, although, however, instead, nevertheless, or, otherwise, so, since, than, therefore, though, unless, until, when, while, and yet)
  10. Avoid vague words (examples: many, most, very, really, just, about, soon, et cetera)

Just keep writing,

~ Posey

Day 12 of the 30-Day Writing Challenge


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