2 Easy Ways to Coach Yourself into Happiness and Success

Cool advice to increase happiness and success–yes, it involves writing. 😉  Thanks Brenda B for sharing these ideas.

I have shared these self-coaching exercises with friends, and they have enjoyed these daily check-ins each day.

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Outside the Lines

Coloring JoyIf you are still battling the winter doldrums

or can’t face another Monday,

it’s time to shake things up!

Just for today,

do something you don’t normally do.

Live on the edge,

just for a little while.

Color your life,

outside the lines,

and enjoy the bliss.

Fling off the remnants of winter,

Have lunch with a friend,

Say something silly,

Laugh till it hurts,

Sing out loud,

Do something unexpected,

Rock the boat,

Make some waves,

Turn the volume up,

Buy something just for you,

Shake things up,

Take a risk,

Dance and feel the bliss,

Color outside the lines,

Call someone you miss,

Get carried away,

Order dessert,

Climb out of the box,

Shout, Woo Hoo!

Make someone smile,

Sing a song,

Jump for joy,

Have a great day!

Posey 3/29/15

Mobile Devices: Changing our World, is it for the better?

Young girl with cell phoneWe love mobile technology but it isn’t so good for our life and health. As a population, we are allowing these wonderful devices to control or change our lives — and not always for the better. We remember when we didn’t have this technology.

 Do You Remember When…You had to get up and walk to the hallway to answer the only phone in the house? The more it rang the more you walked, who needed a treadmill?

Do You Remember When…You had to walk to the Library to research a topic of interest or when you wanted to borrow books to read? What a good way to whittle the waistline.

Do You Remember When…You wanted to change the channel on the radio or television and you had to get up off your @$$ and walk over to the device and make the change? Now we just get click-butt or swipe-hips.

Do You Remember When…A hand-written note or letter was your main means of communication for friends and family outside your home or neighborhood? Now you can Tweet’m, text’m, message’m, chat with’m or use more words and effort and actually send them an email. How long has it been since you wrote a letter and mailed it?

Do You Remember When...You had to turn the TV off at midnight because all the stations just went off the air? Between cable, satellite, and 24/7/365 internet access most people under 40 have no idea what I am talking about.

Do You Remember When…You had to wait days or weeks for the mailman to deliver the reply to the letter you wrote? Now we get irritated if the email we sent to Japan doesn’t arrive in a nano-second.

Do You Remember When…The only reason the phone rang in the middle of the night is because there was a family emergency? Not because your friend was awake and couldn’t wait to tell you about the latest facebook post or worse yet they were drunk and just wanted to talk and talk and talk.

Do You Remember When…You had to use the phone on the wall in the kitchen to call the restaurant to make a reservation? We never dreamed that cell phone apps would change all that, plus you can see the menu, hours, and more.

Do You Remember When…You played games (Life, Risk, Monopoly, Trouble, Parcheesi, Jacks, Marbles, etc.) with friends on the floor of your room? Not nameless, faceless, people playing from the internet superhighway.

Do You Remember When…The alarm clock was a device that wound up and sat on your nightstand — not an app on your phone nestled beside your pillow every night?

Do You Remember When...You took photographs with a camera and film then had to wait two weeks to get the prints back from the photo lab? Forget digital cameras–we now use our phones to snap, see, and send photos instantly. We can snap photos while we battle anaconda’s in the Amazon, are going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, preen in the rear view mirror, or while waiting in line at Starbucks and capture the funny looking old lady in line ahead of us, only to post it on Facebook and have it go viral moments later. /O\

Is it just us or are we losing more than the inventors thought possible…patience, rest, propriety, personal social contact, privacy, fitness, social graces, not to mention all the injuries and negative health affects mobile devices bring with them. We love mobile technology but we need to use common sense and moderation if we want to stay healthy in all areas of our lives.

Avi and Posey March 11, 2015

30-Day Writing Challenge day four

Adorable photo by FidlerJan on morguefile.com

30-Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

Ahhh Hah! You caught us. Yesterday, we were off our game and forgot to post. We humbly beg your forgiveness, dear reader. It is a day late, but here is the promised list of suggestions to get your creative juices flowing for the Cool Cat Writers 30-Day Writing Challenge. We started the 30-Day Writing Challenge on March 8th but it is NEVER too late to start a lifetime of writing. This hobby is the most affordable craft we know. It is enjoyable and sparks your creativity. Won’t you join us? Here are 30 writing ideas to get you started:

  1. Write in a journal or diary
  2. Write a blog post every day
  3. Start a writing blog and write a post every day
  4. Write a letter to an out of state family member or friend
  5. Write a poem
  6. Write a paragraph using 3 new words that you recently learned
  7. Write an essay (for help with this read here)
  8. Write about a funny story from your past
  9. Write a story about one of your embarrassing moments
  10. Write about something you want to do once the season changes
  11. Write about your children when they were young (read a Posey poem here)
  12. Write about your siblings or friends
  13. Write about your hopes and dreams
  14. Write about your pet/s
  15. Write about your car, truck, or motorcycle
  16. Write about a vacation experience
  17. Write about learning to do something new
  18. Write a How To paragraph and explain how to do something that could help others
  19. Write about water, fire, wind, or earth.
  20. Write about what you are feeling on a specific day
  21. Write about your favorite activity and why it is important to you
  22. Write about the weather (read another Posey poem here)
  23. Write about a new writing technique you recently learned
  24. Write about what you see in a photograph
  25. Write about your feelings
  26. Write about things you enjoy
  27. Write about things that make you sad
  28. Write about things that make you smile
  29. Write using rhythm and rhyme
  30. Write to relieve stress

What will you write about today?

Share with us ~ Avi and Posey

How to Become a Better Writer

Write Every Day

Have you ever wondered how to become a better writer?

Here’s one secret to better writing —

Write Every Day!

We’ve talked with lots of writers who want to continue to grow and develop in this craft called creative writing. Everywhere we go, everything we read about writing says the same thing – WRITE!

Keep reading to learn seven ways to become a better writer. Then join us in our Cool Cat Writers 30-Day Writing Challenge! How can writing every day help you to improve your writing? Here’s our top seven list

Top 7 Ways Writing Every Day Will Improve Your Writing

Writing every day helps you to:

  1. Develop the HABIT of a writer 
  2. Increases your CREATIVITY 
  3. WORK THROUGH writer’s block 
  4. Improve your VOCABULARY 
  5. Improve the QUALITY of your writing 
  6. SEE THINGS through a new lens 
  7. SHARE your life and thoughts with others

 Now for the 30 Day Writing Challenge!

Today is March 8th. Did you know that the number eight is symbolic for New Beginnings? Well it is, so let’s make some new beginnings together. For the next 30 days, write something every day.

We promise that we will write every day, and we will post what we write to this blog. We’ll even post things that we just started and that are still in progress. You don’t have to finish everything, each day, but take the time to work on or write something every day. Please share your writing progress with us either in the post comment section  or you can email us here. Together we can cheer each other on, encourage us to keep going, and maybe we can even help you through a rough spot in your writing. We are NOT looking for perfection here, BUT we are looking for consistency! All of us together will develop new writing habits that can last a lifetime.

One of the great things about writing is that it’s FREE or very low-cost. If you have a computer, or paper and a pen, or a blank book, or even a notebook from the Dollar Store ~ then you can write every day. In tomorrow’s post, we will give you a list of 30 things that you can write about during the 30 Day Writing Challenge. You don’t have to write about these things–please write about whatever you want. We want to give you some ideas because everyone gets stuck, sometimes. Writing prompts are a vehicle to get the ideas flowing again. So let’s start writing!

If you are joining us after the challenge has started or even if we have finished DO NOT let that stop you! You can start your own writing challenge any day or any time. The challenge doesn’t have to end after 3o days. If you are pumped and on a roll—just keep writing. We look forward to hearing about your writing adventures, please share with us.

Just keep writing,

~ Avi and Posey

I Was Told Some Great Advice Once – But I Can’t Remember It

I enjoyed the encouragement shared in this blog post, especially the following words,

“…Try to help someone each day, even if all you can give at the time is a smile. The things that are difficult will pass. Keep your head up. Stay smiling. Stay in motion. Look to grow. Stay learning. Take a deep breath. Laugh it off. …”

Do read the whole post by becomingveritate

Don't Be a Dinosaur - Evolve

Advice comes and goes, in one ear and out the other. The best advice is the stuff we learn from our ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’ Ultimately these things, with proper reflection, make us better. It takes time to let it all soak in, and become the wisdom of the sage. Either way it doesn’t hurt to hear something here and there. It is after all up to you to make a choice.

Remember to align your thoughts with your actions. Step back and make sure you’re following the ‘right’ star. This is a lifelong voyage, and where you end up is on your shoulders. Listen to people actively. Listen to understand, not to respond. Show them you’ve listened. Remain chill. It’s a blessing to keep your calm. Don’t repeat your mistakes. Remember the lessons you’ve learned. Do everything you can in a day, but don’t expect to be perfect. You’ll improve…

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Stephen King’s Top 20 Rules for Writers

Awesome, inspiration for writers

Jens Thoughts

CA: Premiere Of Paramounts' Remake Of "The Manchurian Candidate" - ArrivalsWant to know what Stephen King says about writing?

1. First write for yourself, and then worry about the audience. “When you write a story, you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite, your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story.”

2. Don’t use passive voice. “Timid writers like passive verbs for the same reason that timid lovers like passive partners. The passive voice is safe.”

3. Avoid adverbs. “The adverb is not your friend.”

4. Avoid adverbs, especially after “he said” and “she said.”

5. But don’t obsess over perfect grammar. “The object of fiction isn’t grammatical correctness but to make the reader welcome and then tell a story.”

6. The magic is in you. “I’m convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing.”

7. Read, read, read. ”If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time…

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