Golden Ribbons Swirl

Marmalade Sea









I hear the sound of the whistle, and the splash of water.

The sun is waking, over the sleepy sea.

Spreading shimmering light, upon the waters.

Golden ribbons swirl, in a gelatinous sea.

Washing over sandy hues, drenching tooth and tongue.

Sweet tang bursts forth. Taste explodes!

Senses awash, in orange flavor.

Tea and marmalade.

tea and marmalade















 (c) 2015 Posey Salem, April 6, 2015


Outside the Lines

Coloring JoyIf you are still battling the winter doldrums

or can’t face another Monday,

it’s time to shake things up!

Just for today,

do something you don’t normally do.

Live on the edge,

just for a little while.

Color your life,

outside the lines,

and enjoy the bliss.

Fling off the remnants of winter,

Have lunch with a friend,

Say something silly,

Laugh till it hurts,

Sing out loud,

Do something unexpected,

Rock the boat,

Make some waves,

Turn the volume up,

Buy something just for you,

Shake things up,

Take a risk,

Dance and feel the bliss,

Color outside the lines,

Call someone you miss,

Get carried away,

Order dessert,

Climb out of the box,

Shout, Woo Hoo!

Make someone smile,

Sing a song,

Jump for joy,

Have a great day!

Posey 3/29/15

Young and Fearless

Tall TreesMy son was quite the climber,

When he was a toddler.

He climbed up counters, he climbed stacked boxes;

He climbed up poles but was not obnoxious.


One day I found him atop a 25 foot tree,

He was only the tender age of three.

It was a tall, spindly tree,

And there he was laughing hysterically.


The tree was young and flexible,

Like the child clinging to it inapprehensible.

Flying through the air in wide arcs of six feet,

He swayed back and forth—the ride was a treat.


His laughter increased with each wild sway,

I called him to come down, but he didn’t obey.

Back and forth he swayed—fearless he was.

Back and forth he swayed—anxious I was.


Back and forth my mind desperately searched,

For a safe way to get him un-perched.

I watched transfixed as the tree stopped swaying,

Down he scampered while I stood praying.


Back and forth we swayed as I held my son close,

Back in my arms a midst the undergrowth.

Posey Salem |  February 22, 2015

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snowy flowersFebruary is almost finished and the weather is up then down then all around. One day we are bundled up for winter’s blast and then a day to two later we are outside in T-shirts and sandals.

Avi, studied climatology and meteorology when he was in college. He explained that mixed up weather is very typical as one season releases and the next one increases.

Recently, I’ve been reading poetry; poems from long ago that I truly enjoyed. Short list of some of the authors Sandburg, Cummings, Nash, Longfellow, Joyce, Frost, and Tennyson. As I was thinking about the weather and the seasons changing, all their wonderful words inspired me…I hope you like this rhyme.


Winter clings to each day,

For it does want to stay.


Spring is approaching,

It won’t stop encroaching.


Back and forth relentlessly,

Tugging and pulling contentiously.


One day it’s cold with snow,

You’re shoveling flakes from the patio.


Next it’s warm with a blustery blow,

Oh my gosh, there goes your chapeau!


Back and forth relentlessly,

Tugging and pulling contentiously.


The tug-of-war between seasons,

Will it ever come to completions?

by Posey Salem 2015

What are your favorite poems about seasons and weather?  Please share with us.

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Our Expectations

jumping wild salmon



Our expectations and outlooks are important. Especially how we view ourselves. Did you know that how we look at life can really make a difference—for the positive or the negative?

Over the years, I have collected many quotes that encourage us to SEE the potential and not the lack in a situation, opportunity, or life.

Albert Einstein was an incredible man who overcame many obstacles as a child and even as a well known mathematician and scientist. Here is a very insightful quote that I think about often. Even the theme to our blog reminds me of Mr. Einstein’s thoughts.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~ Albert Einstein